NuN is pleased to present the exhibition "Traps" by Franziska Furter. The artist has created a large-scale installation made out of translucent fabric stretched out across the exhibition space. The shape of the fabric installation is directly inspired by the tent-like structure developed by Swedish entomologist René Malaise (1892-1978) for the purpose of trapping flying insects. Furter has appropriated this design and turned it into a maze on a human scale. The screens subtly disrupt the viewer's physical and optical perception of the space. The folded fabric can be seen both as a membrane that metaphorically draws into itself ideas and meanings as well as a delineation of the vacant spaces that surround the flow of viewers.
As an artist who works in installation, sculpture, and two dimensional media such as paper, Franziska Furter has developed a practice which challenges preconceptions of aesthetic beauty and decoration. Always led by a self-imposed set of rules, her artworks result from a rigorous process and from the decision to end said process, made at the very moment when sophistication meets illusion, and when methodology vanishes in what seems to be a fortunate coincidence.

Franziska Furter (1972, Switzerland) lives and works in Berlin. Recently her works have been exhibited at gallery Lullin + Ferrari, Zurich (solo); Galerie Schleicher+Lange, Berlin (solo): Lichthaus, Arnsberg, Germany (solo); Drawing Biennial, London; Palais de Tokyo, Paris (solo) and at various Project Spaces in Berlin such as Sonntag (solo), Ozean, and ZK/U.