Artist Statement for viewing programm, The Drawing Center, NY

In a process of copying, scanning, enlarging and drawing the two dimensional drawings develop from references from mangas, science fiction, book illustrations and the Internet. The images often come from found visualisations of the invisible like movements, sounds, dynamics or hallucinations.

Shifting between organic or mineral structures and cosmic representation the three dimensional drawings play with an ambiguity of aggressive appearance and extreme fragility.

The works vary from very small objects on the wall to extensive installations proliferating into the room or large-scale ink-on-paper drawings but there’s always an ambiguity about them as sizes shift and time expands and implodes and a strange artificial, illuminating light casts black shadows.

Reduced in material and colours the works evoke thoughts about material density and elude the eye’s focus. They fluctuate between restrained unobtrusiveness and penetrating imperiousness.

The titles of the works are another element that plays against the visible and often turns one’s perception into another direction and opens up new fields of associations.